Tax Preparation

At Tax Tyme, we know you are busy, which is why we want to make tax season as easy as possible for you. We are the locally owned leader in the tax preparation industry and we look forward to serving you! We believe the loyalty of our clients is a testimony to our dedication of providing the finest in friendly customer service at affordable prices. Our clients are happy to refer new customers to Tax Tyme because:

•We will gladly conduct a complimentary interview to provide a price estimate in advance without obligation

•We will happily check your prior year tax returns for accuracy at no cost or obligation

•We guarantee accuracy in the preparation of your tax return

We offer a full range of products designed to suit your individual tax needs.

•Always free E-File

•Have your preparation fees taken out of your refund 

•Instant Refund Advance. (Up to $6000.00)

•Direct Deposit

•Pick up your Refund check in our office

•Have your refund deposited into an E1 prepaid Debit Card

•Many convenient places to cash your check. 

We are also easy to get to with two convenient Tax Tyme offices open to serve your tax preparation needs. Thank you for considering Tax Tyme. We look forward to serving you in 2019!

proudly serving Clark and Champaign County. 



What should I bring to my appointment?

•Drivers License

•W-2s from your employers

•1099-MISC forms for self-employment income

•1099-INT (interest) and 1099-DIV (dividends) forms

•1099-B forms showing brokerage trades in stocks and bonds

•K-1 forms for income from a partnership, small business, or trust

•1098-T forms if you or your dependant attend college. 

•1099-SSA form showing Social Security received

•1095-A, B, C form shows what health insurance you had for the year. 

If you claim Earned Income Credit, Child Tax Credit, The Additional Child Tax Credit, or the American Opportunity Credit you are subject to IRS mandated due diligence. The record retention requirement mandates we keep some form of documentation that proves residency at the parent's address. please call us before your appointment so we can go over this with you.

Be sure to bring written documents for additional income not reported on a W-2 or 1099 form, such as other self-employment income, rental income, or alimony. This could be a spreadsheet, bank statements, or other written evidence. Bring canceled checks, receipts, or spreadsheets for any tax-related expenses. This may include contributions to your traditional or SEP-IRA, moving expenses, college expenses, medical and dental expenses, real estate taxes, gifts to charities and churches, and daycare or childcare costs*. Some expenses are reported to you. Mortgage interest, for example, is reported to you on form 1098, and student loan interest is reported on form 1098-E.

*Please note that in order to claim childcare costs that were paid to an individual instead of a daycare/business, we must have the social security number or employer ID number (EIN) in addition to the name of the childcare provider.